A brief explaination

About the project

Auto-Portrait is a photographic collection of cars portrayed in a similar manner, in a wide variety of rural and urban escenarios. Taken for over ten years by photographers David de Nicolás and Esteban Sosnitsky; surprised by the uniqueness and subjectivity of each individually mass produced object in their natural habitat.

The objective is to be able to transmit that aura, that essence, that personality, that special detail that hooks you up, and is felt and interpreted by the spectator; throughout the examination of a photograph. The end result manages to open a window on the personality’s features of the object. Generating a dialog between the emotional personal bond the spectator has and what its seeing.


Its also this kind of play between the subject's features and its environment what gives a pictorial feeling to the photographs. Heightening the extraordinary among the usual and ordinary. Photography here is a medium that frames the spectator from the point of view of the photographer. 

From a geographical point of view, the collection covers a large area in its records. This increases the phenomenon; in which through the intervention of the machines, and their surrounding habitat, they become worthy of being portrayed.


The images succeed at revealing the inherent features of the portrayed vehicles. Those that have been intervened by the use and misuse through the years. Inadvertently, these vehicles pose by mere chance, in their natural habitat.

The similar way of registering them, minimizes the sense of intervention over the portrayed object. Letting it express itself freely.

Auto Portrait is a documentary project, a testimony of the coincidences and remarkable dialogs between the subjects and their surroundings. Hence, aspects of their personality are revealed thanks to the condition in which they are found, their expression and their location in space. 

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